This page shows my education, employment, and funding. See the pages Research and Teaching on this website for a more complete view of my skills and experiences. Contact me for a full CV.

Degrees and employments


2017 L.A. Philosophy, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
2015 M.A. Practical philosophy, Uppsala University
2013 B.A. Practical philosophy, Linköping University

Academic employments

2018– Editorial assistant, Theoria
2015– Graduate fellow, Division of Philosophy, KTH
2014-15 Teaching assistant, Division of Philosophy, KTH

PhD education

At KTH, the degree of doctor requires 90 ECTS. As of today (December 1, 2018), I have completed 67.5 ECTS. My main focus is on normative ethics, political philosophy, and central works and thinkers in Western analytic philosophy. All courses are from the Division of Philosophy, KTH, unless otherwise stated.

Completed courses

2018 The British moralists. 7.5 ECTS. (Examiner: Frans Svensson, University of Gothenburg)
John Rawls’s political philosophy. 7.5 ECTS. (Examiner: Lars Lindblom, Umeå University)
2017 Immanuel Kant’s moral philosophy. 7.5 ECTS. (Examiner: Niklas Juth, Karolinska Institutet)
Seminar Participation in Philosophy, Part 1. 7.5 ECTS.
Original Texts in Philosophy: Aristotle. 4.5 ECTS.
2016 Essay in Popular Science. 3 ECTS.
Theory of Science and Research Methodology, Social Science. 7.5 ECTS.
Philosophy of the Technological Sciences. 7.5 ECTS.
Original Texts in Philosophy: John Stuart Mill. 7.5 ECTS.
2015 Individual Reading Course in Philosophy: Joseph H. Carens (see list of publications for a review). 7.5 ECTS.

Planned courses

2018 Decision theory. 7.5 ECTS.
2019 Ideal and non-ideal theory. 7.5 ECTS. (Examiner: Niklas Möller, Stockholm University)
Seminar Participation in Philosophy, Part 2. 7.5 ECTS.


I am funded by the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare through the research project Ethical Aspects of Person-centred Care.

For the summer of 2018, I visited SciencesPo/CEVIPOF (Paris, France) as a guest PhD. I was gratefully granted an apartment at the Swedish Institute during my stay.